Fixing Redirected Status when Fetch as Google

Fixing Redirected Status when you Fetch as Google in Search Console

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The search console is the only way to connect your site directly to the biggest search engine and see how the web crawlers find your content. You can see what you need to do, to make your blog or site even better, and optimized for indexing and ranking.

I was testing one of the sites that my readers submitted for optimization and found redirected status that was marked as an error when trying to fetch as Google and render as the following screenshot example.

Redirected Status when you Fetch as Google

If you click that link in the same page in Google webmaster tools, you will get lots of information about that error. Google considers that as a 301 redirect and shows the server response code exactly.

That issue is not a problem for most of us, who tried the Google services for years. But sometimes, we miss easy things, and the problem can be completely wrong, or an issue with Google crawlers themselves. The truth is that your site does not have that redirect URL, if your pages are working properly, of course.

How to fix the redirect problem?

To fix the problem, add a single Forward slash “/” at the end of your URL to close it. Then, the Googlebot will fetch the page properly. In fact, it’s a Google issue, and they need to fix that wrong check.

A URL address with, or without the Forward slash, should be treated as the same. That will avoid lots of problems, that makes webmasters wasting their time with a problem that does not exist.

If you add the URL that you want to submit to Google and close it with the Forward Slash, you will get a success message. So, you can submit that page to be indexed by Google. That’s valid if your page is really helpful, and contains useful information. In reality, no page can be indexed properly without original content.

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How to Fetch as Google correctly

The majority, if not all the new bloggers will start checking their sites for that supposed redirect link. That forward the Google crawlers to another page, and they spend hours, if not, days with that, and they end with nothing as a solution. Even, some of them will make risky changes to their sites, such as installing lots of plugins, codes, and so on.

If you still get the same warning from Google, and it always says the page is redirected, then, you need to verify the redirect first. Just use one of the free online redirect checker tools. They can give you a real result about the page, with helpful information and error messages.

If you find a real redirect destination, then, you need to verify your domain name. If you’re using a simple domain with the “www”, make sure that the is no issues with that, I’ve talked about how to set a preferred domain name in Google webmaster tools, and you can learn how to do that properly. Google will see all your domain URL versions, as the same, with, or without the full domain name.

If you’ve installed your WordPress blog with a naked domain name such as,, then, make sure to solve the redirect, by defining your site domain name in the “wp.config.php” file. You can read how doing that by reading this post that will show you the tutorial with details.

What if you can’t fix the problem?

If after all that, you still get the error, then, it’s probably a problem with your server. In this case, your web hosting provider will never solve the problem. Instead, I recommend moving your site to WP Engine, it’s a fully managed hosting for WordPress sites only.

On the other side, I recommend InMotion Hosting for any website and application at a cheaper price. They are professional hosting service with super fast servers that make everything better and error-free. You will forget the low-quality services with your actual shared hosting, and things will be much better.

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Even, if you have something wrong in your Blog files, the above hosting services will scan everything and correct issues automatically. At the same time, you get a manual verification service with the first host that works for your security and website speed. So, you should get the problem solved with them.

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